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User: Gwen
Sex: Female
Location: Atlanta, GA
Date: 02.05.2008
Review: I do not recommend this site to anyone who values the payment plan for this online dating site.

They use a bait and switch practice to get you to sign up.

You think you are paying one amount and when you end the transaction, they have already charged you with a much larger.

Buyer beware.

There is no way to communicate with the company once you have completed the transaction. This is an illegal practice that I am reporting to the Federal Trade Commission for an investigation.

Online Since: 1997
Alexa Traffic Rank: #2202

The largest online community for African Americans. Your online source for African American news, community, technology, culture, music, entertainment, politics, business, family, sports and romance. features
Free Trial 3
Start Up Cost (month) $23.95
Search without registering No
Save searches Yes
Private Mailbox Yes
Favorite profiles Yes
Voice Greetings No
Video Greetings No
Wink Yes
Send IM Yes
Send emails Yes
Who's viewed me No
Chat No
Blogs Yes
Additional: You can use Member Points to redeem a dating subscription! To earn it just do some actions like: reply to the verify email email, add a picture to your Dating Profile etc. You can add music, video and cool backgrounds to personal page.

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Posted by: Le_Roche, Female from USA. Date: 10.01.2008

Review: is a great e-community.

You can go to look for jobs, get advice on finance, ask questions in the forums or email friends and family.
Posted by: Tony Jordan, Male from Charlotte, NC. Date: 11.05.2008

Review: Except for the african scam artist that are pretending to be women, this is a great site to meet people and network.
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