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User: anon
Sex: Male
Location: tn
Date: 05.12.2007
Review: This is a total scam! I tried it and cancelled it after a couple weeks could not take it anymore. I should give it a 0 crazy porn they have kinda funny.

Everything on there is computer generated if you go outside your area you get people way far away. One sentence replys just to waste your time there.

Show you an example of all the bs you go thru.

ME - Wrote:
Ok that is not a problem there.Oh you live with your mom?You got any other photos to trade of yourself will send mine? :) We love to travel, myabe hook up sometime if you like? Like to know more about you

>I love to travel,but i cant find the time to travel these days,because of my mom...she gets mad >when I am not there with her...

ME - wrote:
> Hi gal good to hear from you.:) We interested in getting to know you, as you see on our >profile anything you like to know that is not on there,ask.You have more photos of yourself we >can trade back? Like to learn more about you, as traveling you do? Hope to talk to you soon

She wrote:
>>Hi I saw your ad and am looking to have fun with friendly >>couples. I've been known to be verry adventurous in the bedroom! Therefore, if >>it feels good, I want to do it!! And, if it really feels good, I'll want to do >>it all night long! If you interested, email me and I'll teach you the best of >>'both' worlds.

Me- wrote:
Cool like to do the same. Do you have anymore photos of yourself willing to trade with ya? ;)

HER wrote
-I like to travel also, I like going to the movies and I like to have sex.

Me wrote:
I guess will have to wait on you.Do you live with your mom? What do you do for a living?

Her wrote:
>No guys I do not have any more pic at the moment. How about you?

From then on she said she was a police officer and no did not live with mom.

Honestly you are wasting your time with this site. Even the people that you pick from your city are afraid to answer ya - if you get a answer you get one sentence and tell you not interested. They are afraid. I say you get alot of women to respond to ya but it is all bs - they reply about 5 times then drop off the face of the earth and new person will pop up. LoL

Why would someone pay for this and give you the run around and mess with ya? Go figure

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Adult personals and free online adult dating service. Search adult swingers and couples personal classified ads. Sexsearchcom features
Free Trial No
Start Up Cost (month) $24.95
Search without registering No
Save searches No
Private Mailbox Yes
Favorite profiles Yes
Voice Greetings No
Video Greetings Yes
Wink Yes
Send IM Yes
Send emails Yes
Who's viewed me Yes
Chat Yes
Blogs No Customer Support Member support
Additional: Sex Free members CAN'T view all members' photos and videos. CAN'T see profile details (with automatch only). Advanced search options are NOT available for free members. Just browse profiles by gender

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Posted by: admin, Male from USA. Date: 30.11.1999

Review: If you're a Basic member you can't send email but you can receive them from a Gold or Silver member.

Silver members can send/receive 25 emails per day;

Gold may send or receive 100 per day.

So, any member have send emails restriction.

Gold Members can access the Goldroom - The internet's largest hardcore porn site.
Posted by: anon, Male from Uk. Date: 30.11.1999

Review: RIP OFF. The fraud squad should be at the door of companies like this who are making millions and providing a fake service!

Even the Help page says you cannot send email addresses, telephone numbers and home addresses.

THEREFORE ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO MEET ANY THAT ARE GENUINE!!!! I have tried this and they delete the address/number!

I joined straight away without going through the basic member stage. I have had approx 1 contact a day since I joined 10 days ago.

However they are all from Edgebaston-Aberdeen City?? wherever that is!! Birmingham and Scotland??! I replied to one of them and told them what a load of s**t they were talking and how they never ever read the mails I send.

The very next mail I have from them says.. 'so what are you doing this weekend sweetie' !!!!

None of them up till now have requested money, so their goal can only be to entice members.. therefore they'r working for Sexsearch.

Sexsearch have told me that there is an email code system on their site to protect us users from scammers. However it seems the real scammers are on the Sexsearch payroll!

Furthermore the site malfunctions continuously, throwing up the wrong pages and being nearly impossible to even send emails.

I have had to try and send most up to 10+ times before the code would function correctly and it would go through.

All Sexsearch can say is log off and on again and clear the cache, which of course does nothing.

I tried the site on Firefox and it now seems to work! In other words its incompatible with the worlds No 1 browser, Internet Explorer!

So... is that enough reason to avoid this site like the plague.

Posted by: andy, Male from new york. Date: 30.11.1999

Review: it's not the site's fault you guys can't get laid, you can tell by how you write that a girl wouldn't want to really meet you.

i'm a member of a bunch of dating sites and sexsearch is by far the best of any of them. i've hooked up with over 17 girls on
Posted by: annonymous, Female from PA. Date: 30.11.1999

Review: I don't understand what numerous of you have said about this site being fake.

I'm just your average sales woman looking for people to meet all over the East Coast.

I've been on since Oct(?) and I have been having a wonderful time.

I have met some very handsome gentlemen and had dinner and several romantic dates.

Made several "Friends" and have made numerous of my dreams come true. You must be patient... as any other site.
Posted by: Danny nichols, Male from Toronto. Date: 10.08.2011

Review: Ok I'm going to say this one time. all you guys that are all like bla bla bla , sexsearch is a scam , there is no real lady's on the sight bla bla bla. Well guess what boys life is a scam , you ether get it or you don't. I have been on sexsearch for some time and guess what i have meet lots of real lady's , is person no less , and you know what they dint work for sexsearch and they were not prostitutes. what you need to ask your self is , if i cant meet lady's in the real world what makes you think your going to meet them online ?? also if the cops and or world government cant stop child porn human slave trade gun running drug running ect , what makes you think a sex sight like sexsearch can stop scammers from getting on there sight. so grow up shut up and get a life.
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