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User: autumn
Sex: Female
Location: hampton, il
Date: 31.12.1969
Review: is the best place to meet new and exciting people. i recommened this site to every one!

Online Since: 1996
Alexa Traffic Rank: #5

Create a private community on MySpace and you can share photos, journals and interests with your growing network of mutual friends!

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Private Mailbox Yes
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Wink Yes
Send IM Yes
Send emails Yes
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Posted by: admin, Male from USA. Date: 30.11.1999

Review: is for everyone:

- Friends who want to talk Online
- Single people who want to meet other Singles
- Matchmakers who want to connect their friends with other friends
- Families who want to keep in touch--map your Family Tree
- Business people and co-workers interested in networking
- Classmates and study partners
- Anyone looking for long lost friends!

After Sign Up You Can:

- Create Free Profiles on
- Upload Pictures & Write Blogs
- Use MySpace Mail & Instant Messenger
- Discover new Music, Filmmakers, and Comedians
- Watch and share Funny Videos

receive mobile notifications from

Leave a message for the person and ask to be made a "friend." If you're added, your photo will appear on this user's personal page as well.
Posted by: princess, Female from USA. Date: 30.11.1999

Review: Myspacecom is One of the largest sites of it’s kind on the net. In the search engine it is described as a virtual community site allowing members the chance to network and meet new people from all over the world. It also has a huge music base, allowing bands to share their Music
Posted by: blendel, Male from USA. Date: 30.11.1999

Review: is a n online community of thousands and thousands of people from every age and from all walks of life, within minutes of signing up, you are talking to people and making new friends, from all around the world.
Posted by: Luce, Male from USA. Date: 30.11.1999

Review: www.myspace.con - A social network website, where you create your own personal "space", add friends, add music, blog about anything you want, keep your friends informed of what your doing via bulletins and invite everyone on your friends list to events.

at my spaces .com You get your own "space", a profile, where you can tell everyone about yourself, add your own pictures, add music, keep a blog, leave comments and be left comments and create a friends network when your mutually add people.

You can block anyone you don't want to be in your friend's network!

You also have the ability to join groups from interests such as photography to neighbours. If you don't find the group your after.. you could always make your own!

Generally Myspace.cpm is great fun, and as long as you stay safe while online, it's all good. Just watch out or you could get hooked!
Posted by: McPretty, Female from USA. Date: 30.11.1999

Review: if you are interested in making new friends

then you may post your website here at i would really like it if i could get to know some new people

I think myspace is a good way to keep in touch with friends.
Posted by: autumn, Female from hampton, il. Date: 31.12.1969

Review: is the best place to meet new and exciting people. i recommened this site to every one!
Posted by: Uncle John, Male from USA. Date: 20.04.2008

Review: I use to make and communicate with friends.

To have my friends view a selection of pics.

To search the classifieds and to listen to music or even to watch amusing brief videos.
Posted by: Anonymous, Female from USA, IL. Date: 20.04.2008

Review: I use to keep in touch with friends, old ones and current ones.

Best of all, it makes a great website to meet people because it is free and because you can show so much more of yourself, whether it's with pictures, blogs, friends, or surveys.
Posted by: Nellie, Male from USA, NY. Date: 20.04.2008

Review: i use mypsace to stay in touch with my friends over the summer and stuff and i move alot so i have found some friends from other cities i lived in and its really cool so i guess its like another email service just with my pics and stuff its really cool
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