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Description from the site: The YahooPersonals Internet dating service is for singles who want to add romance to their lives. Meet local singles, and start having the kind of first dates that lead to second dates.

User: Alex,   Sex: Male,   Location: USA
Review: In order to post or respond to an ad on, you must be a Yahoo! registered user. Registration is not required if you would like to view personal ads.

Yahoo is the place to find great people near you. Searching, creating a profile and flirting online are free.

Sophisticated search tools help you find people who match your interests and personality.

As a Yahoo Persanals subscriber, you'll have the ability to get in touch with great YahooSingles near you.

When you've found someone you're interested in, you'll be able to reply to their ad using your Personals Mailbox or through instant messages with Yahoo! Messenger Free Download

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. Get your very own phone number for your PC. Then people can call your PC, just like it's a regular phone.
For 2ў or less per minute, call anywhere in the U.S. (or to over 30 countries)

With Yahoo Personal Premier, you can enjoy additional online services like deeper personality profiling, an advanced matching system and a pool of singles that are looking for the same.

The personality profiling will give you a better understanding of what you are looking for in a relationship, who would fit you best and why.

User: Marry,   Sex: Female,   Location: USA
Review: Yes. I am happily married to a man I met through yahoo ... We've been married almost 2 years and have one child and another on the way. :)
User: Fire,   Sex: Female,   Location: USA
Review: I met the most wonderful guy on He recognized me on the personals site and decided to contact me.

We went to high school together and flirted at the video store a little bit back in the day.

I'm so glad I joined otherwise we would have never found each other again! We've been together now for 6 months.

I highly recommend yahoo personals. =-)
User: Kristy,   Sex: Female,   Location: USA
Review: I used it 4 years ago and am still with the person I went on that first date with.
User: Jayme,   Sex: Female,   Location: Illinois
Review: I would like to say that Yahoo personals was awesome for me I was on for about maybe a month went on a few dates, BUT then i met the most wonderful man and a year and a month later we are still going strong and engaged to be married!!!... THANK YOU Yahoo Personals.

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