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Description from the site: Plentyoffish is 100% Free online dating and matchmaking service for singles. Search Millions of Free plenty of Photo Personals!

User: Playtoyz,   Sex: Female,   Location: USA

my friend is on it "lotsoffish" website and she has had major success, she totally recommends it to everyone she knows.
User: Amber,   Sex: Female,   Location: USA
Review: my sister was using that site plentyoffishcom ...*ugh* I now refer to it as "plenty of losers"!

I can't believe the unattactive men on there.
User: Bug1709,   Sex: Female,   Location: USA
Review: I've been on that too. The penpal thing gets to be really old.

Just leave it. Who needs to be led along?
User: Athens,   Sex: Male,   Location: USA
Review: Why is it so hard to find username in

Ive been trying a bunch of username, but didnt work out.
User: Zen,   Sex: Female,   Location: USA
Review: I have tried There are MANY undesireable people on it, some even having multiple profiles!

I also met the man of my dreams on that site, after taking precautions about my own safety.
User: Tanae1,   Sex: Male,   Location: USA
Review: plentyof is no better or no worse than any other dating site except that it's free.

If anyone thinks that people who pay $30 a month for are more honest or trustworthy, prettier, more educated or classier or any better than those who pay nothing on plentyffish, they need a wake up call.

With the exception of the few people who are using public computers in the library, everyone online either had a computer or a job where they can access one.

So the chances of having a homeless person post on these sites is rare, but the rest of the free world can freely go at it!
User: Doug,   Sex: Male,   Location: ontario
Review: The only good thing about this site is that it's free.

Otherwise you have to deal with power abusing mods that dictate what you can and cannot do.

There are many scantly clad ladies that are posers. if a guy tries that he gets banned.

There is no freedom of speech on the forums. Also the mods are very hypocritical.

PoF is more of a social site then anything else.
70% of the ppl there are NOT single. 10% are fake profiles. 15% are married couples. 5% is what you get left.

This site would be much better if it got rid of some mods who are abusing there privileges.
User: Sean,   Sex: Male,   Location: UK
Review: I know you are not supposed to complain about something that is free but plentoffish has some serious problems that really make it quite an unpleasant place to use.

First of all don’t expect to be treated with any degree of equality by the sites owners or the Canadian and American moderators of it.

Being a North American site, it is bias towards their way of life and to their sense of humour (Or lack of one) and being from the UK, if you ever cross the mods in any way that is that no leave for appeal at their court.

A ruling was recently brought in where all photos used on the site had to be fully framed face shots and not of pets artistic photos etc.

Now I can hear a lot of folks saying “So what! I want to date a person not a pet” very true and I agree but it was a rule that was ONLY imposed on the UK users.

The second major problem with the site is the forums. Once again it would seem to anyone who spends any time reading the forums that the mods come down on posters not from North America with an iron hand in a steel glove.

Posters vanish from the forums banned for up to 3 years for (as it was revealed to me from a number of sources) only questioning a mod re a ruling.

Once again rules are imposed on UK users that are not enforced on the US or Canada.

All in all most of the UK users questioned have stated that whilst the site is free, the bias rulings from the management leave no room for you to freely express your true personality.

Very Cliquey
User: charliebabe,   Sex: Female,   Location: liverpool
Review: is a good place to go if you want to date or just 2 make friends
User: denny w,   Sex: Male,   Location: cleveland
Review: Markass...likes to disconnect you from the site for VERY LITTLE appears that after he gets you on the mailing lists he then finds reason to cancel you....Markass is a real p..y. has done this to many guys on the site..He will dictate what he views as inappropriate...The slightest criticisms will get this creep to cancel you....
User: jason,   Sex: Male,   Location: Canada
Review: is the absolute WORST dating site in the history of the internet.

I've been on it for about 4 years, and never again! Less I want more of my postings and even my profile deleted without even one warning, for even doing nothing.

Especially after this POF owner Markus Frind has my email address to fill my inbox with tons of affiliate and 3rd party spam.

BEWARE people and use a different free site!
User: Randy,   Sex: Female,   Location: USA
Review: plentyoffishcom have forums where you can get lots of advice about writing your profile, and they organise free singles events all round the country.

I find it a very friendly and helpful site.
User: Xan,   Sex: Female,   Location: London, UK
Review: Re: previous reviews:- I have not been on for long, but so far I have had no spam from this site, and believe previous poster has made an erroneous assumption about the source of his spam.

Also, people get banned for a reason, some of them just don't understand that foul language or insulting other members is unacceptable.

User: Emigre,   Sex: Male,   Location: UK
Review: I registered on the ages ago and never really bothered using it actively until a few weeks ago.

After a few chats with a couple of ladies which were going really well I was banned completely out of the blue.

No reason warning...nothing. I have since tried to re-register several times but the profile always disappears within minutes.

I have no idea why and nobody responds to my emails.

VERY poor show from POF.
User: Paula,   Sex: Female,   Location: USA
Review: After using plentyoffish for a couple of months, my profile disappeated, for no apparent reason. I double checked the rules. Didn't see any I had broken.

I have tried over and over again to create a new profile, it lets me in, and then deletes me without letting me post.

I was posting to someone who I found interesting. I don't have enough info to contact him.

I have emailed Markus Frind, the site owner, three days ago. No answer.

I'm really frustrated!
User: Jay,   Sex: Male,   Location: England
Review: Been on several pay dating sites where could not contact people unless paid or could not read their messages.

got bored of the urgent mail to get me to sign up. POF has given me several dates and got one that seems promising coming over for a meal and the rest....

Forums have rules, break them and it can be a problem. Not spotted the spam, get some every few days and look the same people i was getting from before.

Yes there might be a bias of some sort, but not noticed it yet :)
User: Joseph,   Sex: Male,   Location: North Carolina
Review: This site "sucks" the bigest turd in the bowel.

I created a Very Mild to the point profile. The site will not let me "log on"

Very poor customer service.

I didn't even want to give this one star.

User: Jie,   Sex: Male,   Location: Canada
Review: Ok I've been using the site off and on. I've had no luck with the site so far. I've chatted with some decent people though. Although the site has alot of people who are lying, trolling for sex, fake profiles etc

I was chatting with someone recently we where getting along. We where both in similar places in our lives and had things in common like our jobs.

Then her account was deleted and our correspondence too. I asked about and I got some links sent about rules breaking etc.

I made a second post about recovering those emails that where deleted and the op got mad at me. I wanted those emails or at least the times they where sent so I could figure a way of finding this person I was chatting with.

I was worried she was just playing me but now after reading all these complaint from her and other sites reviewing pof im really wondering if that wasnt the case, and that might have lost out on a chance with someone special.

User: DJ,   Sex: Male,   Location: Arizona
Review: I have had good luck with POF.

Those who have had hard times surfing the site probably should spend more time navigating through the pages.

If you click on in box and search you will notice different headings appear for you to click on.

Thus far I have been on POF for a year now. Have not found exactly what I have been looking for, but have been fortunate to meet some rather nice women.

As for selection, there are alot of single women out there with kids.

My preference is to date someone without kids, so the capability of searching with several different categories of search is very nice.

Its a free site. What more could one ask for. As for who you meet on the site, you must be careful with meeting anyone almost anywhere you are.

My feeling is the site is doing just fine. What bothers me the most is that if you get a email from someone it is simply polite to just let that person know in a kind way you are not interested or attracted to the profile. It shows respect and courtesy.

Hopefully my 2 cents has been somewhat helpuful to those who take the site seriously and use it for its true intention as a dating site. Good luck!
User: Kim,   Sex: Male,   Location: US
Review: POF is the biggest time waster I have enountered.

There is indeed a couble standard. Women can do anything and men are banned routninely.

If you ask a simpley question asking for real information, it will be deleted if you are a man.

I tested this by cuting and pasting a woman complaining about something and posted her exact rambling under MY user name.


I then wrote on the foum what I had done and stated the fact about double standards and I was banned forever if I recell.

But it is easy to come up with a new e mail address and used name. They don't get your IP . And people have multilpe computers so why bother?

The women are rude, don't reply, say they met someone (why did they not hide their profile).

It is free. That is not always good. There is NO incentive to take dating seriously if you have no money at stake.

Lot's of golddiggers too. I dated a woman for a short time and she told me that I am supposed to buy all her food, entertianment, etc I laughed and said this is not the 40's.

She said she had bills to pay. so do we all .

I did meet a hooker .

POF is BAD news. IF is plenty of crap

LASTLY. I had not thouoght about it but i do seem to be getting a lot os spam the more I use that site.

User: jacob rodemich,   Sex: Male,   Location: redding
Review: i just joind but from wat i can tel it is far better than any of the other sites ive been on .

they only say there free were plenty of fish really is.
User: Mo,   Sex: Male,   Location: St. Louis
Review: This site is really terrible. I tried it out several times: i signed up for an account 8 times every time i sign up my account gets deleted for no apparent reason. I read the rules and i played by the set rules. I never used indecent language or did anything that broke the rule.

Every time i created a profile it disappears after few minutes and whenever i try to login it never works.

I tried contacting for help but there were no replies.

This site deserves a zero..very terrible.

User: RJCB,   Sex: Male,   Location: GTA, Ontario
Review: I had never heard of pletyoffish until speaking with an out of town friend who suggested I put up a profile.

I did so and very soon began recieving notes from a number of women.

Then I recieved a message from a woman who was decidedly different

We corresponded for hours every day - no phone calls, nor even suggesteions of meeting - for five weeks before we set a time & place for our 'first date'.

That was nearly 10 months ago & we're moving in together in a couple of months.

All told I was on POF for less than two months.

Certainly there's fluff, but weed through it & you'll see that there are real people just like you, looking for the same thing you are.
User: Beth,   Sex: Female,   Location: DFW Texas
Review: Plenty of fish, forums are censored and mostly large, unattractive or psychos on them,

many people have muliple profiles and play games with them,

most of the people are not interested in meeting in person because they are disabled mentally or physically, living with parents, halfway houses and I believe also used by the incarcerated.

It's not someplace to take anyone for real.

I'd say mostly pay site rejects.

The forums are the only point of interest, more so if you are drawn to oddities in human nature because there are some real oddballs in there who may otherwise drown if left outside in the rain.
User: Brian,   Sex: Male,   Location: UK
Review: I whole heartedly agree with all the other reviewers who complained about this site.

It is complete and utter crap!!!

As one reveiwer said the only good thing about it is that it's free! I certainly wouldn't pay for rubbish like this!

As a male user I would have to say that in my (albeit limited) experience of the site, most of the female users do not take the site seriously and aren't really looking for dating or a partner!
User: Kevin,   Sex: Male,   Location: Seattle
Review: I tried POF. I found it to be very poorly written. I would click on pics and be told I needed to log in. For the last day the site has been down, either that, or I have been banned for flirting with one of the ladies who doesn't like being flirted with.
User: E King,   Sex: Female,   Location: Reading
Review: I was recommended to set up a profile on plentyoffish. Never Again! It seems to be full of the desperate stalkers!
User: elz,   Sex: Female,   Location: UK
Review: It is full of the dregs and the desperate, I joined, thinking that surely there must be a male counter part who signed up in similar circumstances to myself

But was disappointed to find desperate stalkers.

When I made it clear that he was being too pushy about meeting up, he got really nasty and even set up a new profile to spy on me! I knew it was him immediately.

and that's just one of the many nutters I have come across on there!

Stuff it!
User: rbc,   Sex: Male,   Location: ontario
Review: just seeing whats new and talk to old friends
User: Alex,   Sex: Male,   Location: uk
Review: I have had to register 3 times to get onto this web site and am now totally fed up with it, it is a good site when you are on it but for me getting on is a pain, they tell me I have forgotten my password which i have not then they tell me that not enough information, yet when I reregister I can go straight on for that night. this problem really needs to be sorted out as my friends are telling me they have to do the same
User: Jenny,   Sex: Female,   Location: Surrey
Review: To be quite honest, I may not have given PoF enough chance, but despite a few men coming to me, I found they were being completely hypocritical.

I didn't put my picture on site, but I did eventually put it on my IM cos someone asked, they'd spent ages chatting, but as soon as they IM'd they'd disappear.

I always warned guys I'm no raving beauty queen with a perfect hour glass figure, but I'm no Nora Batty either...and I don't need narrow-minded morons, they are hardly great themselves!!
User: AnnaTrina,   Sex: Female,   Location: Florida
Review: I think plenty of fish is a great site and I have e mailed and met very nice people on this site without using a credit card monthly. Keep up the good work.
User: sue,   Sex: Female,   Location: dublin
Review: all i can say is anyone that wants to complain delete your bloody profile and stop whining,i know i met the man of my dreams there 7 months ago, havnt been happier, he gladly accepted my kids into his life and hes a gentlman. so me i recomend it, its all good u just got to be carefull thats all. thanks plenty hope i never have to go onto your site again and thats not inn a bad way.
User: C R Williamson.,   Sex: Male,   Location: Canada
Review: POf is a waste of time. Forums are anal rententively moderated. Mods delete threads and ban for no reason. Perish forbid you have a contrary opinion.
User: stacey,   Sex: Female,   Location: england
Review: i have jst been looking through all the comment people have wrote and to be fair i have had no problems with them but then im a girl jst look all the men have been banned all the women like it summat fishy going on there
User: taomeye,   Sex: Female,   Location: carlisle
Review: i have been a member of pof for a long time and though never really used it till now i find it a great site to meet people and have a chat to them though i rather stay local to me i have not found as yet anyone who says they are single and are married also wether i am lucky or not never come across any body who is rude, i rate this site brilliant i have met a lot of friends on here that i still talk too after months......
User: amanda,   Sex: Female,   Location: Wolverhampton
Review: I had been using pof on/off for a couple of months now and have to say that I think that there. are alot of player's timewasters on this site deffo not the site to find a genuine, decent honest person, a shame really as I am and had high hopes for this site.
User: wendy,   Sex: Female,   Location: blackburn
Review: i find this site brill,left for a while cuz i met some 1 now im
User: kat,   Sex: Female,   Location: london ont
Review: i think pof is just great i've never in my life realized that so many men like red heads, i am a real one and wow, i've had alot of dates and enjoying each and everyone of them and still dating and meeting and greeting and having fun, fun, fun.all u people out there whom say this site sucks well u need to relax and spice up yr lives a bit. happy 2009 everyone.keep up the good work very happy here and thnx u have made my life exciting again as i am a new widow, again thanks alot.
User: LISA,   Sex: Female,   Location: S S M
User: Richard,   Sex: Male,   Location: USA
Review: I received a lot of pictures from a lot of people who were supposed to match my profile. It would be understandable for some of these people not to respond. I was on the site for five months and got three responses. One was from the staff, and one from a person who alleged to live across country from where their profile had listed. The last person and I had a fair conversation until they became rude, overbearing and soon my mail was not sent to other users, my favorites were not posted and other board features did not work. Never was I given a message from anyone from plenyofish of any bad reports from any user. There was no explanation of why the site just suddenly quit working for me. I checked it for about a week to make sure the site was not just experiencing some trouble. Conditions did not improve.
User: elaine,   Sex: Female,   Location: richmond hill
Review: I was on Plenty Of Fish for a while, and I can testify that for sure, that Markus guy, owner of Plenty Of Fish, does not care about the safety of the women on his site at all!!! All he cares about is his pocket book and how much he's making. I went on a date with a really good-looking guy, who turned out to be a total creep. I went out with him 3 times in total. On the 3rd date, we went back to his place. His apartment had pictures of several of his ex-girlfriends with their eyes plucked out! Needless to say, I got totally creeped out, made an excuse to leave, and I never went out with him again. But he kept on calling me and harrassing me. And even wrote me harassing emails through that site. I reported this Markus, forwarding the harassing emails to him as evidence, and you know what happened? He kicked ME off the site!!! And that guy is still on there!!!! And you believe that BS??? I read in one of the newspapers somewhere that the Orangeville woman who was murdered might've met her killer on Plenty Of Fish. However, Markus claims that the Orangeville woman was off his site when she was murdered. Honestly, I wouldn't believe a single word that guy says. He's probably lying in order to protect his pocketbook and his stupid site. I hope the police doesn't believe that guy. That guy's a moron and his site should be shut down. And I hope that it does get shut down, for the safety of all women!!!
User: Kate Wilcox,   Sex: Female,   Location: England
Review: Well said Markus (POF) is totally unethical & irresponsible when it comes to protecting women from preditors on this site, had a horrific experience with a 50yr old guy who had pretended to be 44yrs old & a psychologist/therapist, total narcissist & fraud with many profiles who i later found out messaged women 20yrs his junior. he was forceful & dangerous on a meet up and marcus protects these sick individuals
User: MAXWELL,   Sex: Male,   Location: NEW JERSEY




1. Stuck-up, snotty women who think they are God’s gift to men (wake up, stop dreaming!). With the tons of e-mail they get from hopeful suitors, they acquire both swelled heads and a wildly unrealistic opinion of their market value in the dating world. Women like this are clearly suffering from what I call ‘Princess Syndrome’.

A characteristic symptom of the malady is having a stringent laundry list of ‘requirements’ and ‘standards’ few men could ever hope to meet.

2. Attention junkies.

3. Gold-diggers and hungry women looking for you to pay for their dinner and wine. No explanation needed here!

4. Professional daters who, sucked in by the endless choice online dating appears to offer, keep looking for the Bigger, Better Deal. Ad nauseam.

Scratch a professional dater, and you’ll likely find someone with a serious fear of commitment lurking underneath.

The type of woman mentioned in (2) above often fits into this category.

5. Teases who get off on rejecting men for sport. These women should have a big “L” branded in their foreheads – “L” for “Loser”, of course.

6. Desperate single mothers. If you ever see a profile where a woman says, “My children mean everything to me”, RUN!

This is code-speak that means a woman is basically married to her children, and if you get involved with her, you’ll find that you rank dead last. Right down there with Dodo the dog, if you’re lucky.

7. Blonde Russian-Ukrainian bimbos or women from other foreign countries where poverty and crime is rife. Probably half of these women are allied with fraudsters seeking to fleece desperate lonely white collar suckers.

8. Drunks, drug addicts (the prescription kind too), bi-polar nut cases, other assorted psychopaths.

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