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Description from the site: Only eHarmony has a scientifically proven (and patented) matching process that pairs you only with highly compatible singles—so you can fall in love with the right person for all the right reasons

User: Flaming,   Sex: Male,   Location: USA

I joined eHarmoney back in September and I really like it.

The site matches you with people based on if they are compatible with you in regards to your personality profile. Personally, I received many matches (it got up to over 60 people).

About the guided communication... you send and receive multiple choice questions with a match after checking out their profile, and then you ask and answer short answer questions, and eventually you send emails through

Then, with my case, we exchanged AIM screennames... then exchanged phone numbers... then actually met.
User: Angel,   Sex: Female,   Location: USA

e-harmony is not like the usual dating sites. It's ONLY for long term / marriage. Not the occasional meeting / dating.
User: T,   Sex: Male,   Location: USA
Review: My Fiance and I are met on eharmoney. We have been together for almost 2 years and are very happy together...we knew the minute we met that we are meant to be together! We are getting married next year.
User: Pat Parker,   Sex: Female,   Location: North Carolina
Review: I met my husband on eharmony in April of 2005 and we were married March 31, 2007.

We lived quite a distance from each other, but the compatibility and chemistry were there from the beginning.

We're an older couple I'm 59 and he's 57. It's so refreshing to know that love can happen at any age.

We're so grateful to eharmony, we would have never found each other otherwise. Thanks Dr. Warren

User: john,   Sex: Male,   Location: VA
Review: Why is it so hard to find a phone number for eharmony. It seems that it is easy to pay but hard to find a contact person at e-harmony.

Why is that?

I paid but could not gain access to my contacts or any way to determine the problem through eharmony?
User: Polly Sampson,   Sex: Female,   Location: El Cajon, CA
Review: Can't seem to email or contact I want to cancel my membership - I rejoined yesterday because Eharmony notified me of a new match - saw a picture and all sounded like it was someone I would at least like to meet, and when I joined to get more info - the match had been closed
User: Sally,   Sex: Female,   Location: Texas
Review: $167 debited from my bank over 2 months, with results of closed matches and only 1 interested person, who needed a therapist (and admitted it).

I stopped payment on the last debit and tried to get a refund from eharmony.

I could not get through to a person.

Customer service was computer-generated cookie cutter answers, mostly saying just pay the rest of the money (another $83) and we will let you continue.

I didn't, they locked me out and kept my money. 2 months of bad service for $167.

They would probably argue that there is something in my profile that caused my difficulty.
I have an MS in Psychology.
I have a moderate profile. There is nothing in there to suggest I am looking for a sex-obsessed religiously rigid fanatical scared person, but that is all I have been getting.

After the lockout, they continued to send me matches with pop-ups that said I could communicate with them if I rejoined.

Curiousity about some of those matches inspired me to pay another $60, and voila, I opened my account to find 21 matches, all but 6 closed, 2 I wrote to turned out to be very different from their profiles.

When I wrote eharmony, I got an automated email that stated that they do not answer personal emails in Customer Service.

The End.

Money down the drain. Extremely disappointed. I definitely do not recommend eHarmony. One of their profile questions invades a boundary - "Describe something about yourself that only your best friends know."

I find it hard to beleive that the PhD who claims to have developed the site is the genuine article.

A real psychologist would not ask such a question.
User: Debbie,   Sex: Female,   Location: Tennessee
Review: I have been on Eharmony for 2 and a half yrs. (on and off)

the only thing I can say is that I have met a best friend. I have met a lot of men that like to play games and why they are on Eharmony to begin with I don't even know.

Make sure you clarify it is for serious people who want a relationships.... thanks
User: Kerri,   Sex: Female,   Location: US
Review: I have been a user on eharmony off and on for 2 years.

I don't get very many matches but I have found my best friend through there.

I was shocked to hear from him that because the ratio of men and women were way off, eharmony was contacting some of the men who had previously subscribed to eHarmony to give them free membership for an undisclosed amount of time.

Isn't that discrimination? I too cannot find a phone number to call them and have emailed them with no response.

User: Camille Stanley,   Sex: Female,   Location: Brookeville, Md.20833
Review: I never get any matches and am paying alot for service.

Whatever matches I get are not right for me and they come few and far between My subscription ends in April 2008.

I would not recommend this service to anyone as it is not successful and most of the time I cannot even log into my own site.
User: Tom Hyder,   Sex: Male,   Location: Wooster, Ohio
Review: A few words about

Before you decide to join an online dating forum, make sure you are emotionally prepared for extreme disappointments, frustrations, and people that are deceitful, bitter, or downright heartless.

That has been my experience.

I had decided that I didn't want contact outside a 60 mile radius, yet I've received almost 200 "matches" from all over the country> What could be the future in a long-distance relationship?

User: Adam,   Sex: Male,   Location: PA
Review: They say that e-harmony delivers you compatible matches. Perhaps they do. I have been a member on and off for over a year now.

I have been matched with many people. I have interacted with some good people.

Even if e-harmony's matching system is accurate in its judgment a person's likelihood of interacting with you is determined more by your photograph than anything else which makes e harmony the same as the rest but more expensive.
User: mls,   Sex: Female,   Location: Fla
Review: The ehaarmony customer service is awful.

I sent a money order two weeks ago, and never got a response that it was recieved and I cannot access any of my matches.

When I email eharmonycom asking if my money order was recieved so I may contact my nudges, I get NO response. None at all.

Did they just keep the money? According to the post office, it went through. I am very very unhappy that there is NO phone number at all for customer service.

Suspicious to me.
User: Dee Teeter,   Sex: Female,   Location: Greensboro NC
Review: There are some good things about this website and there are some very frustrating things.

I have received emails telling me that someone has responded to FastTrack request when they haven't done that at all.

It limits you so much on how to find out the things you want to know about someone BEFORE you meet them in person that I wanted to cancel my membership.

My setting is for within 30 miles of Greensboro, NC and they are constantly matching me with people in Michigan and California, etc.

And how to contact them? They won't tell.
User: John Lapin,   Sex: Male,   Location: New Mexico
Review: It is hard to take this operation seriously. None of the supposed "Matches" had interest in contact with me. Forty per cent of the "Matches" terminated or "Closed" within 24 hours of the "Match". None of the "Matches" I initiated contact with, save two, replied. The two that did reply were curteous enough to say they were not interested in continuing communication just then. For me, Eharmony was a waste of time and money.
User: Kay,   Sex: Female,   Location: Australia
Review: EHarmaony introduced my ex-fiance and I in May 2006. After knowing him for 2 years and thanking them for matching us, I find out that eHarmony allowed him to re-register to meet single women again within 1 days of dumping him.

We had corresponded with them in October/November 2007 when they requested us to advertise for them.

They know that we had intended to marry within 6-12 months. It is unbelievable that he is able to use the profile he created to meet me to meet other women without checking if we were still planning on getting married!
User: C.L.,   Sex: Female,   Location: Nebraska
Review: eHarmony failed me. I filled out a profile and hesitated before joining. I did get some matches over time, six to be exact. I sent the initial questions to three and received zero answers. I think they, like me, hesitated before paying for the membership. Last month I did pay the fee. Now , here I sit with time ticking and no new matches since I joined. My criteria were not very selective. I just said no smokers or drunks and same race preferred. Matches won't happen with six options from which to choose. Big rip off.
User: kathy,   Sex: Female,   Location: easley sc
Review: I pray i find the love of my life on the big Eharmony i know hes out there i dont care howlong it will take because good things come to those who wait.

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