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Description from the site: - Online dating made easy. Proprietary compatibility matching technology. More marriages than any other dating site

User: Brandy,   Sex: Female,   Location: USA
Review: I met my bf at and we are still together. We started talking about 6 months ago online and we finally met about 2 and a half months ago. Things couldn't be better between us.
User: Greg,   Sex: Male,   Location: Hermosa Beach
Review: I paid for 1 month (and thank god it was only a month) and every single girl that's flirted with me, or that I've flirted with, has eventually led me to another pay for nudidy website or sexy singles website.

NO ONE IS GENUINE, except maybe the most hideous girls on there. Just beware, it's completely misleading.
User: Mike,   Sex: Male,   Location: New Orleans
Review: They were a lot of hot girls flirting with me for a while.

Some are just looking for money to help them and they live in other states or out of the country and I too started getting emails to website for nude pics.

I don't recomend this site its not going to help you find Miss right. I think its a scam to get your money.

User: Allen,   Sex: Male,   Location: Huntsville, AL
Review: A Complete Lie!

All are not who they "APPEAR" to be & the service providers are themselves liars. Plain & simple.

They do not provide easy methods to actually respond to them, no reply possible, and many MANY female profiles are nothing but fronts to sick robots looking for a way to spam you.

Don't Use this service.
User: Tim,   Sex: Male,   Location: Minneapolis
Review: Can I go less than 1 star? I am going to report this site to the BBB. It is nothing but a con site. Many emails from Spammers.

The women just simply look at your profile and their system makes you think they want you to email them. Save your money!!!!
User: robert steen,   Sex: Male,   Location: scotland
Review: this site is full of people posting profiles of white /latin good looking girls..but its africans/nigerian /ghanian scammers asking for money...i feel i wasted my money one is real i tried getting to know...seems worst dating site i know...just beware please !!!!
User: SuziQ13,   Sex: Female,   Location: Hebden Bridge UK
Review: Yes I have found true love!!! I got into phone conversation with 4 guys.

Met up with two, both genuine loving people. Am still in touch with the first and have encountered total commitment with the second.

The other two were wasters but I didn't meet either and finished when it became clear. I would thoroughly recommend this dating agency.

User: Helen,   Sex: Female,   Location: California
Review: I signed up for the free trial they offered.

There was never any mention has to how long the free trial was for.

Without any warning I was no longer "known" and couldn't sign up.

I contacted them nurmerous times to see exactly what the problem was and was never contacted.

Very bad customer service. I was thinking about joining but if they can't respond to your questions, there's alot more websites to choose from.
User: lassie,   Sex: Female,   Location: florida
Review: One star might be to much. I thought I would be able to read a message sent from men, however is not so, will not let you read messages, however you get a million notifications that you have email, only to read them you must!
User: Joe,   Sex: Male,   Location: Ca
Review: The site was terrible.

I paid for a subscription through PAYPAL, once I cancelled the subscription through, I was continually getting billed on PAYPAL.

When I contacted customer service at Singlesnet they informed me that my subscription had ended with them months ago but the payment agreement was with PAYPAL and I needed to take it up with them and refused to refund the money paid for absolutely no services.

On top of that, most of the women on Singlesnet were Web-cam women trying to make a buck. The features are terrible and so is there customer service.
User: Steve,   Sex: Male,   Location: Edmond
Review: I give a rating of three because after trying to hook up with someone I finally got LUCKY if you know what I mean.

We are friends now, but it seems like there are all these ads by women yet none of them respond except the one.

So three stars because I have scored once but no more then that because I haven't scored twice yet.
User: Brian,   Sex: Male,   Location: Arizona
Review: Yah, most of the accounts and profiles on this website are fake.

They are either people registered trying to get you to go to other websites, or people posing as a victim, and want you to send them money.
User: alan,   Sex: Male,   Location: massachusetts
Review: What can I say . I meet me the love of my life. We both love each other . its been 6-7 wonderful months. She is Most attractive outside . Even more beautiful within. I all goes well I will Marry her! There are a few flaws however with the website, which I will overlook after this great thing has bless me.

One problem with the system is that if a person just Views your profile.

The Company is a bit overly optimistic in saying , ,, you've got someone whose interested , or possinly interested in you.

When really 95% are just looking and are really not. All and All very happy . Because, I found that special woman that I love. Alan of Massachusetts
User: pooty711,   Sex: Male,   Location: california
Review: Actually, thats negative 5 stars.

This site is complete bullshit.Nothing but online video hookers,african orphans,people saying they have info to contact them only to find out...complete rip off.

ok heres a few tips for the novice to the expert.will help in minimizing your exposure.

1.sign up with a hotmail account and never give them your real name or primary email address.

2.DO NOT PAY WITH ANYTHING OTHER THEN A PREPAID VISA CARD,unless of course you like to chase after funds they keep taking from you unauthorized.They are easy to get at the local store and they come in 25.00 increaments you pay 3.95 for the priveledge ,but given the alternative its worth it.

3.When you actually sign up they will ask you for your real name and address,obviously you are a fool to supply them with it,unless of course your into spam,junk mail,and solicitation.Just fill it in with funnny stuff,like I put pooty tang 123 hob nob get the point...

4.Lastly I think the internet can be a fine toole to finding someone,however do not expect miracles,it is difficult in any medium to find the right person,and for 24.95 (+3.95 service found out that the internet is a place where there is a ton of people and businesses misrepresenting themselves.

I would suggest stiking to the old fashioned way.....what did we do before computers?

User: Brian,   Sex: Male,   Location: NJ
Review: LAME!! Maybe 1 out of every 10 emails are from a real person.

Stay away...Unless of course you like porn sites mailing you and pretending that they are a sexy woman who wants to sweep you off your feet.

Or how about a woman who "claims" to live in the US and then drops a load of crap on you through an email claiming to be stranded in another country and needs some money to come back to the US and "be with you".

User: m,   Sex: Female,   Location: minneapolis
Review: This is the WORST dating site ever!

"Flirts" that you think people send are actually automatically generated in order to 'help you track who views you'.

Totally misleading.

Also I had a very vulgar email sent and I reported it but he was never removed from the site.

This site is expensive and total crap!!
User: Danielle,   Sex: Female,   Location: colorado
Review: Dater's beware!

I signed up for a three month trial. After that ended, singlesnet billed me 25 bucks for two months. I was not even using the site after my three month trial.

I had to cancel my checking account and did not get my money back.

The singlesnet rep told me she did not need my authorization to take the money out of my account!
User: Jimbo,   Sex: Male,   Location: Oklahoma
Review: Buyer Beware!!! There's basically nothing free about Singlenet except registration.

Once they get your credit card number they will charge you until you personally cancell...

in other words, there's no such thing as a 30 day membership
User: Richard,   Sex: Male,   Location: Canton ,Mass
Review: I have finally met the lady of my dreams, i was a member for about 3 months about a year and a half ago and i met the lady i am still with today and could not be any happier.

We talked for hours on the phone we've been together since dec of 06 and then we took the next step to meet and i was plesently surprised.

We're getting married this september and although i was real apprehensive at first when i joined this site i can honestly tell you i don't regret it for a second.

She is EVERYTHING i have ever wanted in a woman.

Thank you so much singlesnet for bringing happiness into my life in which i thought i'd never feel.I was so content in my life with not meeting someone ....well the rest is history.

I would reccomend this site to anyone who is looking for someone special even though most people think and feel otherwise.

User: Mary,   Sex: Female,   Location: Boston
Review: This is a terrible site! Ladies beware; the men on this site are looking for sex and hook-ups.

Had several men email stating they are at the Holiday Inn (or some cheapo hotel) looking for a hook-up.

Despite contacting the staff at singlesnet; they refused to answer my emails or address my complaints.
User: Larry,   Sex: Male,   Location: Pensacola
Review: This site is the pits.

The women keep flirting with you until you sign up then they refuse to respond to email.

I think they are paid to do this.

If someone looks at your profile you are sent an automatic interest. They make it look like this person is interested when they are really not.

Lots of spammers.

They pretend to be in the US yet when you talk with them they are in Africa or Ghana and trying to solicit money by saying they need to return to the states and be with you.

Doesn't this site scan for spammers. I am totally disappointed and wasted my money.

They say a refund of your money at "any" time. This is a lie. They refused to refund my money.

Do you waste your money here.
User: sharon,   Sex: Female,   Location: 67801
Review: In the many sites for singles, this site has led to the most numerous responses.
User: leonora yangyang,   Sex: Female,   Location: phil
Review: It so nice dating site i ever had, so pls continue your services tot he people. thanks and more power to all.
User: shrop1,   Sex: Male,   Location: klemme,ia
Review: I want to thank you for your service, i recently canclled service. you found for me some one i love dearly. I'm giving her a ring tommorrow. my search is over, thanks to you. you have made my life complete. and again, I thank you very much. I found the love of of my life. THANKS
User: rexrudi,   Sex: Male,   Location: havaii
Review: WARNING this is a wery well known scam site, google it....

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